Once upon a 10th to 11th january 2018 night Marion Clavière had a dream.

She dreamt about CLAVI, not just some random thing, no no, she dreamt it all. No need to say she was lying down in her bed, her eyes fully open by 3 a.m trying to wake every single friend (3) she had (none of them woke up obviously).

So she kept thinking about it, waiting for the sun to rise. By the morning she made a crucial decision : she will do it all.

The main problem was that she didn’t know a thing about making clothes. She knew a lot about fashion brands because she worked for 7 years for some of it, but she wasn’t even able to sew a button. She had to learn it all from the beginning and find people with a lot of skills.

And then it really began.

She worked from the beginning with Agathe Boudin, a friend of hers (one of the friend that never woke up this fabulous night in January, you remember ?) and a wonderful art director.

One beautiful and sunny day, she came across Bojan Petrushevski an amazing fashion designer and those three were the first members of the CLAVI Family.

They worked night and day (mostly made bad jokes, drank wine, singing out loud awful song, dancing awkwardly in Marion’s tiny apartment in Versailles) to bring birth to CLAVI.

And now, here I am, December 17th 2018, writing this text, speaking about me (Marion, if you follow me) to the third person because it is fun (and it seems to be cool and professional, who knows why) moved by all this marvelous journey CLAVI is, all those kind and fun people I worked with, knowing you, a perfect stranger to me, will read this text one day.